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Best Oven Gloves


An oven glove is an insulating material used to lift hot dishes from an oven. They are meant to protect a user’s hands from burns caused by hot dishes. Oven gloves are made using fabric and cotton surrounded by decorative patterns, some gloves have silicone which makes them water resistant while others have synthetic material such as Nomex and Kevlar.

There is nothing more disappointing like holding a very hot dish from an oven with pair hands then split all the content down the floor, the experience is more painful and embarrassing that’s why oven gloves are important in any complete kitchen. There are different types of oven gloves available in the market, the choice depends on what you will pick.

What are the best oven gloves?
There are a variety of oven gloves available with the different color, the material used in making, size and many other different options. Below is a list of the best-known oven gloves.

Le Creuset double oven glove
This is a twin towel glove with deep pockets. They have heavy pots designed to protect a user against dangers of removing hot substances from the back of the oven.

The Lakeland steam stopper
This is another quality gloves which prevents the user against dangers of steam. They are made of PSV membranes which are steam proof and protects the user from burns caused by steam. They are also heatproof and protects one from the heat of above 300 degrees Celsius.

Kuhn Rikon silicone grip oven glove
This glove is made of cotton mitten which makes it long lasting. The glove is fitted with a silicone palm which provides optimum flexibility to the user. It is recommended for people with big hands.

The kitchen grips glove
This glove is made in a way that it enables can pick small items. It offers protection to the heat of above 260 Celsius and it’s easily cleaned.

Suck magnetic double glove
Finally, we have the suck magnetic double gloves which have added features. With silicone and cotton, the offer double protection from heat and steam. They are colorful and helps in improving kitchen décor.
In conclusion, oven gloves are essential in any modern kitchens. The gloves should be used when only dry and should not be exposed to direct heat sources. The oven gloves should be washed after use.

Written by: Kevokeh

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When Art Collides with Consumer Tech Products

paint brush art

What happens when tech product design meets art?

As our production efficiency increases and breath taking technology is being invented each year, we live in an exciting time when product design is becoming more and more a necessity for tech companies.

In this post, I want to highlight some of my favorite products over the years that have a very obvious inspiration of art in their product designs.

2000 Apple iMac

I mean, who else would I mention first? Steve Jobs has always been known as someone who appreciates art and believed the secret sauce to product creation was art + function. Apple has been implementing this strategy for all their products.

Although not necessarily a recent product, the 2000 iMac is a great example of incorporating art into something that was typically boring and ugly. No other company had attempted to release a computer as exciting as this iMac.

As one of the first products released by Apple with Steve Jobs as CEO (the second time), the iMac featured a very playful and useful design for a consumer product.

It ended up selling like hot cakes and saved Apple from certain bankruptcy. The computer actually came in many different colors printed on a form of transparent plastic. Its goal was to be very friendly and not scare away consumers who were not used to using computers. This is fun computing.

Vape Pens

I really think cigarettes are on their way out. Give it 20 years and we’ll see a huge decline in the sale of cigarettes. If big tobacco companies don’t act fast and pivot to this new style of tobacco consumption, they are going to starve.

Vaping has been taking over the tobacco industry in just the past two years. Without the nicotine and unnecessary harmful chemicals, vaping allows people to consume tobacco in a form of juice (no you don’t drink it) that does far less damage to the lungs.

I don’t necessarily know the exact brands of different vape pens, but in general they bring a whole new look to smoking. Since “the look” has been a big reason why people started smoking cigarettes, are things changing with the introduction of this new product?

To be honest, they look like products from the future. Smoking from electronic tubes is what it looks like. Hey, look cooler, be healthier, and save money. How can consumers lose here?

BMW i3

Although not yet officially released, it’s coming out in the next couple years and will change the car industry.

Along with Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chevy, and Tesla, BMW is releasing there interpretation of the all electric car very soon. Why is this one so much different? We have seen near production images of the i3 and it’s not too much different than the design concept above.

The design is revolutionary for its use of large windows, exterior accent lights, and two tone design that mixes together eloquently.

Here is what BMW has to say about pushing the limits of automobile design and function:

i stands for a visionary automobile and a new understanding of premium mobility characterised by a consistent alignment towards sustainability.

BMW is also releasing their all electric car soon deemed the i8. I really can’t wait to see the production versions and how they perform in the real world.…

Top 3 Art Museums in California


California has a ton of art museums available to the public.

On a trip there, I made sure to visit as many art museums as I could and I ended up visiting around ten.

There are three museums that really stood out and I want to talk about them today.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA)

The SF MOMA was easily my favorite museum and it actually wasn’t because of the art they displayed there.

The really cool thing about SF MOMA is that they aren’t just a building that displays art. They are on a mission to “transform people’s lives” by showing them modern art pieces in a very intrinsic way.


I really love that and that is why it’s my favorite. Many art museums just try and get the most rare, unique, and famous pieces while this museum focuses more on the effect art pieces have. It’s more about art than the people behind it, which is great.

You can find all kinds of modern art pieces showcased here – over 26,000 pieces in total. They have everything from paintings, sculptures, architecture, photography and so much more.

If you’re ever in the San Francisco area, make sure to check the SF MOMA out. They have free admission on the first Tuesday of every month.

They are located at:

151 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The J. Paul Getty Museum

Located in Malibu, this museum is beautiful.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice this isn’t any ordinary museum. It’s an elegant estate that looks fit for the Queen of England. It was built by a man named Getty who apparently was one of the richest men who ever lived.

He had the museum built for the public to be able to access beautiful art conveniently and easily.

This museum features very rare artwork and even includes an unseen piece from Michelangelo that they bought in 1992 for $6.3 million. This is a great museum to see rare works of art for free. Entrance is free, but there is a $15 parking fee.

17985 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA

Asian Art Museum

Also in San Francisco, the Asian Art Museum doesn’t look like anything special from the outside (well compared to The Getty), but on the inside is some magnificent pieces that are often overshadowed by European art.

Because of this shadow, the Asian Art Museum doesn’t only just display art. They have permanent art and often have unique exhibitions where they feature a certain theme of pieces.

Additionally, they are also focused on educating their patrons through films, lectures, workshops, and more… for free!

I really liked this museum because it is very peaceful and they have a lot of reading material for their patrons about each piece. I was in here for hours and time as flying by. I could days in this museum learning about all different cultures throughout Asia.

If I lived in San Francisco, I would be sure to see each of the new exhibits when I can.

The Asian Art Museum is located at:

200 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Handling Divorce Matters the Wise Way


Divorce is a heart-wrecking situation. However, ups and downs are part of life and once you have to face it then you have to be brave enough to face the situation in a wise manner. You have to understand that it is a bad phase in life and will pass. However, the most important step is to end the relationship in a proper way. I personally suggest that the relationship should end without the exchange of any harsh words and brutality. If both of the parties cannot survive together, the divorce is already an announcement of this fact. Now once you have decided that the divorce is the only option for your relationship then you have to decide how you will manage this whole process in a smooth way.

Steps towards a peaceful divorce

· Most of the couples have two approaches when they reach the point of divorce. Either they want to let go off each other with just any settlement. However, sometimes the emotion of revenge becomes a lot stronger and they want to pull each other to court and ruin the peace in each other’s life. However, it is not a wise approach, but for some it is the only option. If you fall in the second category then the first thing you should do is to hire a divorce attorney or you can visit for more details.

Read about the BEST OVEN GLOVES.

· I personally believe that before going to any divorce attorney try to communicate and settle your way out. For example, if you have a joint property or accounts you can peacefully give each other your respective share. This way you can start your new life faster. If we talk in terms of legal terminology this is an out of court settlement. If things can work out this way be wise, you do not want to spend more money on an already ended relationship. When the word divorce crosses the mind of any of the spouses, the relationship is already over. The divorce lawyer should be your last resort when you fail to resolve the issues peacefully.

· Another good option is to discuss the whole scenario with some of your loyal friends. They can serve to be the third party and help in your settlement if you fail to reach a point of agreement on divorce. This is yet another way to move towards a peaceful divorce.

The mentioned are some of the peaceful steps towards a divorce. Above all, you do not have to let emotions drive your mind because it will only lead to further aggression and issues are never resolved in aggression. Do not put your health, tears and emotions on the line. Think practically and things will fall into place for you. Whatever happens in life it is destined to happen that way. However, before calling it quits you have to give in your hundred percent to a relationship and if it still fails then it is your faith and you have to learn to give in gracefully. For more please visit the homepage.…

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