What happens when tech product design meets art?

As our production efficiency increases and breath taking technology is being invented each year, we live in an exciting time when product design is becoming more and more a necessity for tech companies.

In this post, I want to highlight some of my favorite products over the years that have a very obvious inspiration of art in their product designs.

2000 Apple iMac

I mean, who else would I mention first? Steve Jobs has always been known as someone who appreciates art and believed the secret sauce to product creation was art + function. Apple has been implementing this strategy for all their products.

Although not necessarily a recent product, the 2000 iMac is a great example of incorporating art into something that was typically boring and ugly. No other company had attempted to release a computer as exciting as this iMac.

As one of the first products released by Apple with Steve Jobs as CEO (the second time), the iMac featured a very playful and useful design for a consumer product.

It ended up selling like hot cakes and saved Apple from certain bankruptcy. The computer actually came in many different colors printed on a form of transparent plastic. Its goal was to be very friendly and not scare away consumers who were not used to using computers. This is fun computing.

Vape Pens

I really think cigarettes are on their way out. Give it 20 years and we’ll see a huge decline in the sale of cigarettes. If big tobacco companies don’t act fast and pivot to this new style of tobacco consumption, they are going to starve.

Vaping has been taking over the tobacco industry in just the past two years. Without the nicotine and unnecessary harmful chemicals, vaping allows people to consume tobacco in a form of juice (no you don’t drink it) that does far less damage to the lungs.

I don’t necessarily know the exact brands of different vape pens, but in general they bring a whole new look to smoking. Since “the look” has been a big reason why people started smoking cigarettes, are things changing with the introduction of this new product?

To be honest, they look like products from the future. Smoking from electronic tubes is what it looks like. Hey, look cooler, be healthier, and save money. How can consumers lose here?

BMW i3

Although not yet officially released, it’s coming out in the next couple years and will change the car industry.

Along with Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chevy, and Tesla, BMW is releasing there interpretation of the all electric car very soon. Why is this one so much different? We have seen near production images of the i3 and it’s not too much different than the design concept above.

The design is revolutionary for its use of large windows, exterior accent lights, and two tone design that mixes together eloquently.

Here is what BMW has to say about pushing the limits of automobile design and function:

i stands for a visionary automobile and a new understanding of premium mobility characterised by a consistent alignment towards sustainability.

BMW is also releasing their all electric car soon deemed the i8. I really can’t wait to see the production versions and how they perform in the real world.