An oven glove is an insulating material used to lift hot dishes from an oven. They are meant to protect a user’s hands from burns caused by hot dishes. Oven gloves are made using fabric and cotton surrounded by decorative patterns, some gloves have silicone which makes them water resistant while others have synthetic material such as Nomex and Kevlar.

There is nothing more disappointing like holding a very hot dish from an oven with pair hands then split all the content down the floor, the experience is more painful and embarrassing that’s why oven gloves are important in any complete kitchen. There are different types of oven gloves available in the market, the choice depends on what you will pick.

What are the best oven gloves?
There are a variety of oven gloves available with the different color, the material used in making, size and many other different options. Below is a list of the best-known oven gloves.

Le Creuset double oven glove
This is a twin towel glove with deep pockets. They have heavy pots designed to protect a user against dangers of removing hot substances from the back of the oven.

The Lakeland steam stopper
This is another quality gloves which prevents the user against dangers of steam. They are made of PSV membranes which are steam proof and protects the user from burns caused by steam. They are also heatproof and protects one from the heat of above 300 degrees Celsius.

Kuhn Rikon silicone grip oven glove
This glove is made of cotton mitten which makes it long lasting. The glove is fitted with a silicone palm which provides optimum flexibility to the user. It is recommended for people with big hands.

The kitchen grips glove
This glove is made in a way that it enables can pick small items. It offers protection to the heat of above 260 Celsius and it’s easily cleaned.

Suck magnetic double glove
Finally, we have the suck magnetic double gloves which have added features. With silicone and cotton, the offer double protection from heat and steam. They are colorful and helps in improving kitchen décor.
In conclusion, oven gloves are essential in any modern kitchens. The gloves should be used when only dry and should not be exposed to direct heat sources. The oven gloves should be washed after use.

Written by: Kevokeh

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